11. mar 2021.

Matthew Caruana Galizia: It feels anxiety is never-ending. Those who are responsible for my mother death should be in jail

Interview by Marija Sajkas

In an exclusive interview for Cenzolovka, Matthew Caruana Galizia talks about fighting the impunity for the killing of his mother, an investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, about journalists' threats and fears, about an effort of the past president of the European Commission to protect the former president of Malta, as well as about the importance of solidarity and the Daphne Project without which none of the perpetrators would likely be apprehended.  

20. jun 2020.

Ubijena novinarka sa Malte istraživala sumnjive poslove u Crnoj Gori


"Moja majka je, u vreme kada je ubijena, istraživala ljude koji su bili uključeni u jedan dogovor u Crnoj Gori", rekao je povodom nalaza Rojtersovog istraživanja Metju Karuana Galicija, istraživački novinar sa Malte i sin ubijene novinarke Dafne Karuane Galicije.