16. jun 2021.

The Forum on Information and Democracy calls for a New Deal for Journalism


As the Covid-19 pandemic undermines journalism at a growing pace, the Forum on Information and Democracy is publishing its recommendations under the title A New Deal for Journalism. The report presents a plan to guarantee up to 0.1% of GDP a year into journalism to safeguard its social function for the future.

11. jun 2021.

Veran Matić, Chairman of the Commission for investigating the killings of journalists, regarding the murder of journalist Milan Pantić, 20 years later

Author Veran Matić

When I speak about resolving the case of the murdered colleague, journalist Milan Pantić, in this case I find it hard to see the individual as the exclusive executor, and the concrete privatization as a motive for his liquidation. Since 2000s onwards, in all processes of privatization happening in this period of democratic changes, one could see a reflection of the state’s attitude (namely, those of its representatives holding the political power at the time) toward the citizens and society as a whole. Having in mind the predominantly negative undertone of this relation, the question arises whether that particular individual was stronger than the state at the given moment?

Source: Javni servis

01. jun 2021.

Smear Campaigns, Oligarch Media, and Street Gangs: Serbia’s Embattled Investigative Media Are a Warning to the World


In March, the Crime and Corruption Reporting Network, a leading investigative news nonprofit in Serbia, was forced to put its stories on hold for two full weeks to deal with a coordinated smear campaign mounted by pro-government tabloids in Belgrade. In an increasingly common and brazen tactic, outlets that support Serbia’s authoritarian president, Aleksandar Vučić, falsely accused the GIJN member,…

14. maj 2021.

Serbia: The government must support media freedom


The International Press Institute (IPI) today joined ARTICLE 19 and the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) in launching a report detailing the findings of a recent online fact-finding mission to Serbia.

06. maj 2021.

EFJ calls for an ambitious European Media Freedom Act


The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) joins the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) partners in welcoming the idea of a European Media Freedom Act, advanced by European Commissioners Thierry Breton and Věra Jourová. 

26. mar 2021.

Labelling of journalists in the Assembly continues, media and journalists’ organisations formed a Coalition for Joint Action

Coalition for Media Freedom has warned the public that in the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, the campaign against journalists and non-governmental organisations has continued. Dangerous statements of the public officials and accusations against journalists of them running criminal, party and other campaigns against officials in the government only represents a continuation of the deterioration of the Serbia’s media scene.

13. mar 2021.

Serbia: MFRR condemns baseless smear campaign aimed at KRIK


The International Press Institute (IPI) today joined the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) in condemning the smear campaign aimed at the Network for Investigation of Crime and Corruption (KRIK) by pro-government media outlets which propagated the baseless and dangerous claim that KRIK has a ‘secret deal’ with Veljko Belivuk, a recently arrested leader of an organised crime group.

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