16. jan 2019.

Section of journalists’ and media associations suspend dialogue with the Government of Serbia


Several media and journalists' associations, which comprise the Media Coalition, have announced the suspending of the dialogue with the Serbian Government's Coordination Body for Cooperation with the Media, due to this government body having failed to meet any of the demands of journalists' and media associations, while the situation on the media scene simultaneously worsens from day to day.

30. nov 2018.

Murdered journalist Slavko Ćuruvija was considered enemy of the state #1 by the secret service

Police Inspector Dragan Kecman, who spent 16 years investigating the murder of Slavko Ćuruvija, a journalist and owner of newspapers Dnevni Telegraf and Evropljanin, uncovered some of the key evidence and filed a criminal report against the defendants, said in his testimony before the court that the former State Security Service had for many years considered Ćuruvija “State enemy number 1”.

02. jul 2018.

Journalist disappears, only to be found after a one-day search

Journalist Stefan Cvetković from the northern Serbian town of Bela Crkva was found on the morning of 15th June after having disappeared on Wednesday evening, while his car was found with the door open and a wrist watch beside the car on the street, which prompted suspicion among the public that he had been kidnapped. Further fuelling these doubts was the fact that Cvetković reported having received several verbal threats and physical attacks in recent years, while he has recently been investigating the murder of Kosovo Serb opposition leader Oliver Ivanović.

02. jul 2018.

NUNS-owned company borrowed money from an opposition politician

As revealed by portal Cenzolovka, the Media Centre, a company owned by one of the two largest journalists’ associations in Serbia, the Independent Journalists Association of Serbia (NUNS), borrowed around €50,000 from current opposition politician, businessman and former Belgrade mayor Dragan Đilas. According to former Anti-Corruption Council president Verica Barać, Đilas controlled the media in Serbia thanks to his huge influence on the advertising market, especially while he was in power as a member of the Democratic Party.

02. jul 2018.

McAllister: No progress on media freedom in Serbia

In his draft report on Serbia to the European Parliament, rapporteur David McAllister reiterated concerns over Serbia having not made progress in the area of freedom of media and expression, stressing that threats, violence and intimidation of journalists continue to be a concern.

01. jul 2018.

Minister proposes working group be formed to defend against fake news

Investigative journalist Stefan Cvetković, who disappeared last month, only to report to police two days later claiming to have been kidnapped and detained against his will in an unknown location, appeared before prosecutors who have filed criminal charges against him for making false claims. Cvetković later announced that he would present new evidence proving that he had been kidnapped.

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