17. sep 2020.

Prosecution lacks understanding for threats against female journalists

The First Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade has rejected criminal charges filed by investigative journalism portal KRIK and journalist Bojana Pavlović against unknown men who snatched Pavlović's phone after she took photographs of Danilo Vučić, the son of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, in the company of Aleksandar Vidojević, who has been identified by police as a member of one of the largest criminal gangs in the Balkans.

17. sep 2020.

Poynter and the European Journalism Centre highlight the experiences of Cenzolovka and the Slavko Ćuruvija Foundation during the pandemic

The European Journalism Centre and renowned American portal Poynter have published analysis authored by journalist Tara Kelly highlighting the way Cenzolovka and the Slavko Ćuruvija Foundation reacted during the Coronavirus epidemic and how they found a way to help local media outlets that are increasingly under threat of closure.

05. sep 2020.

Khrushcheva: Media creates a perception of reality and people live in it rather than in their actual factual life

By Marija Sajkas (New York)

There is no longer an option to dispute. Everyone lives in their own bubble, engaged with their own "truth." So propaganda becomes not just a political tool but a part of a constructed reality, a reality beyond just slogans, speeches, posters, parades and so on. Today, what's a one man's propaganda is another man's truth, says Nina L. Khruscheva, a granddaughter of the former Soviet leader who got her Ph.D. in Princeton and now teaches in New York City. She spoke with Cenzolovka about media and propaganda, topics which are very relevant today and not only when it comes to the U.S. – Russia relations 

31. jul 2020.

State checking bank accounts of journalists, media companies and NGOs, suspicions of money laundering

The Directorate for the Prevention of Money Laundering at the Ministry of Finance has compiled a list of media workers, non-governmental organisations and civil society associations and asked banks to inspect all their transactions since 1st January 2019. Prompted by suspicions of possible money laundering or the financing of terrorists, the investigation encompasses 20 individuals and 37 organisations or associations.

31. jul 2020.

Reactions to the state’s intention to check government critics’ bank accounts

The state's intention to check the banking transactions of individuals and organisations caused alarm bells to ring with many people for two reasons: due to the actual names featured on the list, which includes investigative journalists and investigative media companies, but also organisations that criticise government moves; and also because of the lack of an official explanation of the basis upon which possible money laundering is suspected.

15. jul 2020.

Prosecutor asks Court of Appeal to pass final verdict against those accused of murdering Slavko Ćuruvija

Speaking at a public session, Milenko Mandić, Deputy Prosecutor for Organised Crime, asked the Court of Appeal to overturn the first-instance verdict in the case of the murder of journalist and publisher Slavko Ćuruvija. During the presentation of the appeal against that verdict, the deputy prosecutor asked the court to open a hearing in this process and pass a final verdict.

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