23. nov 2021.

Local trainers in the Western Balkans prepared to conduct online courses on “Freedom of Expression” and “Protection and Safety of Journalists”

The Council of Europe standards on freedom of expression can be more effectively implemented by offering training in this field to different local actors such as judges, prosecutors, lawyers, police officers or students who could then apply these standards in their current or future work. This should contribute to the creation of a favourable environment for exercising freedom of expression and freedom of the media at the domestic level. 

16. nov 2021.

Using Comics, Music, and Theater to Bring Investigative Journalism to New Audiences

Author Banjo Damilola

Convoca, a digital investigative platform based in Peru, wanted to show how people poisoned by lead released from heavy industry were also struggling with COVID-19. Their chosen medium: comics. Milagros Salazar Herrera, the director and founder of Convoca, a GIJN-member, said the team chose an interactive comic to tell the story because “that could help…

14. nov 2021.

Suspended sentence for death threat to Serbia’s daily editor-in-chief

Danas, N1 Belgrade

On the occasion of threatening the editor-in-chief of Danas, Dragoljub Petrovic, the High Court in Belgrade sentenced a man from Belgrade Lazarevac suburb to one year in prison, suspended for three years, for the criminal offence of endangering security after five years, the daily said on Friday.

06. nov 2021.

IPI welcomes U.S. blacklisting of NSO Group over Pegasus spyware abuses


The IPI global network today welcomes the decision by the United States government to blacklist Israeli company NSO Group over the abuse of its spyware technology Pegasus to target journalists and others, and urged other democratic countries around the world to follow the Biden administration’s lead by sanctioning and regulating the technology.

12. okt 2021.

Safety of journalists: What to expect from the announced amendments to the Criminal Code

Author Miroslav Janković

The former Criminal Code left too much space for anyone wishing to harm or intimidate journalists to do that and not be punished. And this is exactly what is the greatest contribution of these amendments: that space will shrink considerably and prosecution and police will have legal grounds to act in many situations in which ‘their hands were tied’ previously.

01. okt 2021.

Still no justice for Khashoggi, three years after his murder

By Anne ter Rele

October 2 marks the third anniversary of the 2018 murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, a heinous act for which justice is still denied. The IPI global network strongly condemns the continued impunity in the case and calls on the international community to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for the murder. 

14. sep 2021.

Bosnian Women Journalists and Advocates Receive Death Threats for Supporting Refugees

Author Marija Šajkaš

SARAJEVO—“Those prostitutes … should be lynched so they remember whom they’re dealing with,” read one comment on a Bosnian “anti-migrant” Facebook group post targeting Zehida Bihorac. Other comments were even more explicit, detailing graphic and sexually violent threats. Bihorac is a teacher and human rights defender known for assisting “people on the move” (the term preferred by…

24. avg 2021.

Tabloid Kurir, known to be close to the government, is suing independent media and one NGO claiming damages of close to 100 000 Euros

The publisher of the pro-government tabloid Kurir, Adria Media Group, has filed a lawsuit in the Commercial Court in Belgrade against publishers of independent portals Cenzolovka, Raskrikavanje, and Javni Servis, as well as against a publisher of daily Danas, and non-governmental organization Centar za Interkulturnu Komunikaciju and is asking damages of 11 million Dinars, or close to 100 000 Euros, claiming reputational damage. 

02. avg 2021.

Brutal campaign against KRIK following publishing of statement declaring it “number 1 enemy of the state”

Following investigative journalism portal KRIK’s publishing of parts of the testimony of Veljko Belivuk – a supporters’ club leader accused of monstrous crimes – regarding his criminal gang’s connection with President Aleksandar Vučić and other politicians from the state leadership, pro-government media outlets launched a campaign against the portal. Unburdened by any need to present evidence, these media outlets criminalised KRIK journalists in their articles and bombastic frontpage headlines, accusing them of conspiring, and thus endangering their safety.

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