10. jul 2020.

BIRN has mapped numerous incidents of police brutality during protests on Tuesday and Wednesday in Serbia. Journalists and women were not spared.

Ivana Jeremic, Milica Stojanovic and Sasa Dragojlo

EXPLORE MAP Via TV footage and social media posts, BIRN has documented more than 26 cases of police brutality on the streets of Belgrade during clashes with protesters this week. They include incidents of police violence against civilians, men and women, posing no apparent threat, as well as against journalists. The material reviewed by BIRN shows that most…

02. jul 2020.

Serbia and Montenegro: Are judges protecting journalists or their aggressors?


Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls on the judicial authorities in Serbia and Montenegro to combat impunity in two cases in Belgrade – the appeal by those convicted of murdering a journalist in 1999 and the trial of those accused of setting fire to a journalist’s home in 2018 – and to guarantee due process in the retrial of a journalist on absurd drug-trafficking charges in Podgorica.

25. jun 2020.

Veran Matic: It would be dangerous to start the trial for the murder of Curuvija all over again, that would turn it into a farce

Authors Tamara Spaic and Perica Gunjic

Opting for a retrial and a new evidentiary procedure would be a paradox - to prove what has already been proven. In fact, the point would be for all first-instance convicts to remain at large, Veran Matic, Chairman of the Commission for investigating the killings of journalists, told Cenzolovka, reiterating that the deep state governed by elements of the secret services is very strong

15. jun 2020.

Trial for arson attack on journalist’s home turned into mocking of victims

At the trial for the December 2018 arson attack on the house of journalist Milan Jovanović, the lawyers of the main defendant, Dragoljub Simonovic, a former president of the Belgrade suburban municipality of Grocka and a senior official of the ruling SNS party, questioned the journalist's wife Jela Deljanin in detail about the night the house burned down, but also about every item of furniture that she reported as being damaged in the fire.

10. jun 2020.

It is the safest “job” to kill a journalist

Written by Veran Matić

More than 90 percent of the cases in world statistics say that the murder of a journalist is not solved, the murder is not punished, perpetrator is not brought to justice... Somehow, it turns out that killing a journalist is the cheapest form of censorship.

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