15. feb 2019.

New wave of threats and attacks against journalists and the media

Cable TV news channel 'Television N1', known for its critical reporting of the Serbian authorities, recently received a letter stating that the journalists of this media house would suffer and that the building would be blown up. Following the reactions of international and local journalists' associations, and condemnations arriving from state officials, including Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, police arrested and remanded into custody a suspect believed to have issued the threats.

15. feb 2019.

Freedom House: Serbia has regressed from group of free countries to those that are partially free

Serbia has lost its status as a free country and now finds itself among partially free countries, due to the ever-worsening conditions under which elections are being conducted, but also as a result of attacks on independent journalists, according to the latest report of U.S.-based organisation Freedom House, entitled “Freedom in the World 2019”.

31. jan 2019.

Municipal president remanded into custody suspected of ordering the firebombing of journalist’s home

A Belgrade court has ordered that Dragoljub Simonović, president of the Municipality of Grocka and a senior official of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, be detained for 30 days on suspicion of ordering the arson attack on the house of Milan Jovanović, a journalist of local portal Žig info, on 12thDecember 2018. The detention order was made to ensure the suspect could not influence witnesses or destroy evidence, or again commit a crime.

16. jan 2019.

Transcript refutes media reports that prosecutor accused the Serbian Government of murdering Slavko Ćuruvija

The Commission for Investigating Murders of Journalists announced that at the last hearing in the trial for the murder of journalist Slavko Ćuruvija, the deputy prosecutor for organised crime, Milenko Mandić, did not use his closing statement to accuse the then-Serbian Government of having been the jury when the state's leadership brought the decision to murder Ćuruvia. Journalist and publisher Slavko Ćuruvija was gunned down in April 1999.

16. jan 2019.

Police claim that the attempt to break into the apartment of journalist Milan Jovanović is unrelated to the firebombing of his house

The Interior Ministry of Serbia has confirmed the arrest of the person who attempted to break into the flat of journalist Milan Jovanović on 30th December last year, but they emphasised that this break-in was not directed against the journalist, nor is it connected with the arson attack on that journalist's house.

16. jan 2019.

Section of journalists’ and media associations suspend dialogue with the Government of Serbia

Several media and journalists' associations, which comprise the Media Coalition, have announced the suspending of the dialogue with the Serbian Government's Coordination Body for Cooperation with the Media, due to this government body having failed to meet any of the demands of journalists' and media associations, while the situation on the media scene simultaneously worsens from day to day.

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