09. sep 2022.

IPI Executive Board appoints Frane Maroević as next executive director

Experienced defender of press freedom to join IPI

At its meeting in New York on 7 September 2022, the Executive Board of the International Press Institute (IPI) appointed Frane Maroević as the organization’s next executive director. He will take over management of this global network of editors, journalists and media executives from Barbara Trionfi after she steps down at the beginning of November 2022.

“Today, independent media and journalists are under attack from more directions than ever before,” said IPI Executive Board Chair Khadija Patel. “I am looking forward to working with Frane to strengthen IPI’s support for independent media throughout the world. He is clearly committed to defending press freedom and has experience in resolving a wide variety of threats that journalists face today”.

Maroević brings to this position over 30 years in journalism, media development and press freedom. He developed his passion for journalism and learned the skills, professional standards and values of this profession at the BBC World Service in London. In post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina he worked on the reform of public broadcasting, media regulation and managed donor support for independent media. As the director of the office of the OSCE media freedom representative, he managed responses to numerous cases of media freedom violations in 54 countries that are part of this intergovernmental organization. Just before joining IPI, his work at the Internet and Jurisdiction Policy Network and the Freedom Online Coalition Advisory Network focused on threats to online freedom of expression.

“The IPI is the world’s oldest global press freedom organization and I am deeply honoured to have been chosen as its next executive director,” said Frane Maroević, “Attacks on free media are attacks on our societies. I will work with the IPI Board, team and members throughout the world to improve the safety of journalists, to resolve physical, legal, economic, online and multiple other threats faced by the traditional media and the new media actors. In this time of disinformation and cacophony, we need independent media more than ever to shine a light on our world.

“The strength of IPI is having members across the globe who understand the problems faced by journalists in every corner of the world and can develop local solutions. The solidarity of the members and their shared mission ‘to defend media freedom and the free flow of news wherever they are threatened’ means that they are always ready to support and help each other. Together they are an extremely powerful voice for independent media and press freedom.

“I am looking forward to working together with Barbara Trionfi to ensure a smooth transition and to continue and build on the achievements of IPI under her leadership”, concluded Maroević.

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