25. maj 2023.

Permanent Working Group for Safety of Journalists: Data on assaults against journalists from January to March 2023

The Permanent Working Group for Safety of Journalists (PWG), comprising representatives of six journalistic and media associations (UNS, NUNS, NDNV, AM, ANEM, and AOM), the prosecutor’s office and the police, had a regular quarterly meeting on March 24. On that occasion, current cases of threats and assaults against journalists were discussed, information was exchanged about certain older cases, as well as examples of good practice and challenges faced by the Group. The OSCE Mission to Serbia has been participating in the work of the PWG since its establishment in January 2017.

12. maj 2023.

Posle skoro pola veka nedeljnik „Vršačka kula“ prestao da izlazi

Piše S. Dimitrijević

Vrščani koji su pretposlednjeg dana decembra kupili lokalni nedeljnik „Vršačku kulu“ verovatno nisu ni slutili da u rukama drže poslednji broj štampanog izdanja ovog lista. U elektronskom obliku izašla su tri januarska broja. Da su vlasnici i zaposleni uspeli da objave još jedan, bio bi rođendanski - obeležio bi 48 godina neprekidnog izlaženja.

12. okt 2021.

Safety of journalists: What to expect from the announced amendments to the Criminal Code

Author Miroslav Janković

The former Criminal Code left too much space for anyone wishing to harm or intimidate journalists to do that and not be punished. And this is exactly what is the greatest contribution of these amendments: that space will shrink considerably and prosecution and police will have legal grounds to act in many situations in which ‘their hands were tied’ previously.

24. avg 2021.

Tabloid Kurir, known to be close to the government, is suing independent media and one NGO claiming damages of close to 100 000 Euros

The publisher of the pro-government tabloid Kurir, Adria Media Group, has filed a lawsuit in the Commercial Court in Belgrade against publishers of independent portals Cenzolovka, Raskrikavanje, and Javni Servis, as well as against a publisher of daily Danas, and non-governmental organization Centar za Interkulturnu Komunikaciju and is asking damages of 11 million Dinars, or close to 100 000 Euros, claiming reputational damage. 

26. mar 2021.

Labelling of journalists in the Assembly continues, media and journalists’ organisations formed a Coalition for Joint Action

Coalition for Media Freedom has warned the public that in the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, the campaign against journalists and non-governmental organisations has continued. Dangerous statements of the public officials and accusations against journalists of them running criminal, party and other campaigns against officials in the government only represents a continuation of the deterioration of the Serbia’s media scene.

11. mar 2021.

Matthew Caruana Galizia: It feels anxiety is never-ending. Those who are responsible for my mother death should be in jail

Interview by Marija Sajkas

In an exclusive interview for Cenzolovka, Matthew Caruana Galizia talks about fighting the impunity for the killing of his mother, an investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, about journalists' threats and fears, about an effort of the past president of the European Commission to protect the former president of Malta, as well as about the importance of solidarity and the Daphne Project without which none of the perpetrators would likely be apprehended.  

28. okt 2020.

Getting Away with Murder

Elana Beiser/CPJ Editorial Director

CPJ’s 2020 Global Impunity Index spotlights countries where journalists are slain and their killers go free. The case of Slavko Ćuruvija is a very important for CPJ, says CPJ’s Europe and Central Asia program coordinator Gulnoza Said

05. sep 2020.

Khrushcheva: Media creates a perception of reality and people live in it rather than in their actual factual life

By Marija Sajkas (New York)

There is no longer an option to dispute. Everyone lives in their own bubble, engaged with their own "truth." So propaganda becomes not just a political tool but a part of a constructed reality, a reality beyond just slogans, speeches, posters, parades and so on. Today, what's a one man's propaganda is another man's truth, says Nina L. Khruscheva, a granddaughter of the former Soviet leader who got her Ph.D. in Princeton and now teaches in New York City. She spoke with Cenzolovka about media and propaganda, topics which are very relevant today and not only when it comes to the U.S. – Russia relations 

25. jun 2020.

Veran Matic: It would be dangerous to start the trial for the murder of Curuvija all over again, that would turn it into a farce

Authors Tamara Spaic and Perica Gunjic

Opting for a retrial and a new evidentiary procedure would be a paradox - to prove what has already been proven. In fact, the point would be for all first-instance convicts to remain at large, Veran Matic, Chairman of the Commission for investigating the killings of journalists, told Cenzolovka, reiterating that the deep state governed by elements of the secret services is very strong

17. apr 2020.

Most people are in quarantine, but the enemies of press freedom are not

By Marija Sajkas (New York)

Some governments, as well as other actors, abuse the sanitary emergency to violate press freedom. Their actions range from repressive laws, allowing arbitrary prosecutions, to hate campaigns against critical journalists, says Pavol Szalai, a new Head of European Union & Balkans Desk of Reporters Without Borders.

25. sep 2019.

Politicians who view journalists as enemies or security threats encourage attacks

Written by Marija Šajkaš

Populists emphasize domestic isolationism and security over all else, including and especially freedom of the media and expression. This framing puts our safety and our freedoms at odds, when actually, we can't have one without the other, and positions journalists and media workers as a threat to that safety, says Jennifer Adams, international expert focused on protection of female journalists on the Internet

09. jul 2019.

Coliver: How Trump has shaken up the system that in the U.S. guarantees full freedom of expression

Written by Marija Šajkaš

The argument could be made that the system right now is out of balance; that our tradition of tolerance doesn’t quite know what to do with this new situation where the President makes statements that are inflammatory, says Sandra Coliver for Cenzolovka. Coliver is a world-renowned expert for freedom of media and expression, and in this interview, she talks about an extraordinary protections of speech in the U.S. guaranteed by the First Amendment.